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Today is NOT Going to Be Pleasant-Here's Why

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I have probably mentioned this in a couple of comments--my skin, from my face to my toes is REALLY dried out. More so then it has ever before been in my 66 years on this planet. And yes, I keep fully hydrated at all times! I have been using an extra dry formula on my legs--my Mom suggested it. It is the one she uses and loves from Trader Joe's. It helps a little-- But my face, which is ultra sensitive--I have also been using a Sweet Almond Oil on my heels and feet-I purchased it at my local health food store. Well yesterday I decided to try it on my face------I rubbed it in--then washed the excess off with HOT water. Oh, it took away the dryness okay--but I spent the rest of the day and most of the evening ITCHING--all over my face and part of my legs. (I had rubbed the excess on my hands into my legs). I just now realized why--it has Vitamin E in there. I am allergic to vitamin E--but my eyes were not good enough to catch those teensy tiny words under Natural Skin Care--"with vitamin E".

Thus, don't get upset when I say in comments-"I have to check out the products used on the face and/or body more thoroughly". I REALLY do have to be careful--and just because the product is natural does not mean it is safe for ME--I am also allergic to PABA type compounds. I really would appreciate it if companies who make these products would supply "samples" so that people like me with various and multiple allergies could try it out without buying a full size product. AND would make the wording on products a LOT LARGER!! My allergy to Vitamin E is one reason I do not take a multi vitamin-which brings me to the next part of this post.

My legs and ankles have always had a tendency to swell--but ever since those three hospital stays if I don't take a prescription water pill every single day they swell up so badly I can barely walk and look like I have elephantiasis. I mean really really bad from my knees down to and including my feet! The water pills control it--but my Doctor really doesn't want me on them and has been sending me to specialists to try and figure out what is causing it. He did a test in his office which was soooo painful I had to tell them to stop!!! You know those pressure cuffs they put on your arm--well imagine them on your leg which is already sore and tender to the touch. So off I went to make an appointment with a vascular surgeon. That doctor (once I found one who would take my insurance)-decided that even though his feeling was it was really my back made appointments for me to have an ultrasound of my legs and that miserable test with the cuffs again. I am not going to go into the fiasco that ensued--I did get the ultrasound already--but today is the day I have to go have those cuffs put on my legs again. Maybe I'll pass out and they will be able to finish the test!

So--even though the appointment is early--I doubt I will be able to get the book I have been reading finished and written up for today. And I still have to finish the comments from yesterday.

Well I better go get the tweets etc at least set up for today----THIS TOO SHALL PASS

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Jess Benoit said...

Oh wow..I'm so sorry that you are dealing with all of this! I seriously hope they are able to pinpoint the problems and are able to get you set up to recovery. *hugs*

Gladys Parker said...

That is an awful lot for one person to bare. Are the leg cuffs over your feet as well like after surgery? I hope this test went better for you than the last one. Hopefully they will find the problem and get it taken care of. You are in my prayers!

CJ Across the Avenue said...

Allergic to Vitamin E, how awful! My husband suffers from terrible dry skin as well. Thanks for the Trader Joe's suggestion! I'll definitely have him try it.

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