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Book Review-Altered Genes:Genesis-Mark K. Kelly

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I saw this book on one of the free book lists and on a whim decided to get it. I do enjoy medical/scientific type novels. I started reading it and ended up finishing it! Of course now I will have to get my hands on the 2nd and 3rd novels in this series. It really leaves you wondering what happens next!!

This book revolves around gene splicing ---to the point that the bug-which is highly contagious--can't be cured by any of the antibiotics that are around. There are several people who are trying to find a cure--but there are a couple that are trying to hide what has been done. The entire country is shut down (as is most of the rest of the world). They will have to somehow get to Canada and are aided by an Indian tribe. They cross to Canada----and that is where the book ends!!

That this could actually happen scares me no end!! Bio-terrorism---------------------------

I really do suggest you read this novel if you enjoy medical/scientific mysteries which might actually come to pass!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

To save the world, first they have to save themselves…

When an unconscious British businessman arrives at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital, Dr. Mei Ling unwittingly finds herself in the midst of an infectious outbreak.

Meanwhile, Professor Tony Simmons, her ex-lover, and a world-renowned geneticist at Georgetown University receives an enigmatic telephone call that hints at a genetic threat, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

As the pandemic spreads, governments close their borders and quarantine cities. Simmons is taken to a secret military laboratory to search for a cure. But it’s the truth he finds instead, and now he, Ling, and an odd group of survivors are on the run as civilization collapses around them.

Genesis is the first book in the Altered Genes trilogy with book two (Revelations) and book three (Resurrection) to follow in 2016.

Read a Chapter or two here

Purchase the book here

About the Author: (from Amazon)

Most bio's are written in the third person but I find that 'odd' - especially when I'm describing myself.

I've been a reader my entire life and a writer the last few years. The very first book I remember reading was "The Mad Scientist Club". That series started a life-long love of books that mix science and adventure. Something, I try and incorporate into everything I write.

My favorite genres to read are science fiction, dystopian, and thrillers but a well-written book in any genre can suck me in and take me on a journey with it.

I write full-time these days but I'm slow...slow like a glacier melting. My goal is to release three full-size novels per year. As of mid-2016, the first book in the Altered Genes series has been published and the second one is nearly finished (September due date). I'm also working on a Young Adult post apocalyptic series based loosely on the Altered Genes world.

I live in Canada with my wife, son and a dog. When I'm not writing, I'm pulling weeds in our vegetable garden or shovelling snow.

I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

Author's Website

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Unknown said...

Looks like a good book to read! I'm more of a novel and non-fiction reader. Happy reading Miki!

Denise C said...

I love reading about interesting issues that might actually be able to happen. Sounds like a great read!

Jolina said...

Oooh this is totally up my alley! And I'm a sucker for trilogies haha. I just don't want a good book to end. Will check this out.

Ivonne said...

Sounds like a very interesting read and very scary at the same time, with the over use of antibiotics a day will come that they won't work!

Liz Mays said...

This does sound like a very cool thriller. It would be interesting to see how the characters react to a threat on that scale.

Neely said...

Im not very into scientific medical stuff but It still sounds good. I think I will tell my dad about it he loves stuff like this!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

I haven't read a medical/science type of mystery since I think it was Coma. The plotline for this sounds intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I love trying out free books! Sometimes they end up being great! This sounds like an interesting book but I don't think it would be for me! I am so glad you enjoyed it though.

TNE said...

absolutely phenomenal! GREAT FIND! Will have to find this book on my kindle!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really great book to check out for sure. I will have to try to read it!

CourtneyLynne said...

Ooooo now this sounds like one awesome read!!!! Now that colder weather is approaching I'm trying to add more to my reading list!

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