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The Last Few Weeks Have Been-----------

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Last few weeks have been hectic, draining and a couple of other adjectives which I won't use here! Let's just say I am BEAT--Between running with my Mom to her doctors--getting all the payroll quarterlies done--going to my doctors--taking my Mom shopping (her favorite activity--my least favorite activity) and trying to keep up with my blog and facebook groups (I really do think I am probably in too many groups and multiple threads within each) And then I have my loving cat who is angry at me because I have been leaving the apartment almost every day. As a matter of fact I am getting the evil eye right now from her--it is getting very close to what she deems to be my bedtime!

(My Mom is Driving me to distraction says Baby)

Now I will be 66 in September--my Mom 94 in November. I love her dearly but I hate clothes shopping with her. I need a dress for a family affair we will be going to (if her leg feels better) and dumbbell that I am I told her about a sale happening at Lord & Taylors today----Now I thought that because she plays Bridge at the Senior Center on Tuesdays she would just forget about it--NOT. I got a call bright and early this morning--She had figured out that I could pick her up at 10:30--go look for a dress--go eat lunch and she still could make her bridge game by 1 pm. Yes we managed to get her to her bridge game and get me a dress and eat lunch!

I really thought the woman who was trying to help me at Lord & Taylor's was going to burst out laughing---She was showing me where the type dress I was looking for were and said "your Mom can sit down and wait for you" Not on your life----I looked at the woman and said "ask her". The look on my Mom's face was priceless--let me-her 66 year old daughter pick out a dress for a family affair without her approval of the dress and how it looks on me--not on anyone's life!! She never has and I have given up all hope that she ever will. She walks with a cane now and her legs are pretty bad---But she said to that woman--"No--I will follow you--I may be a bit slow but I will catch up" and she did. Thank heavens I spotted a dress quickly we both liked and fit and looked good on me! Thankfully I have a pair of shoes that will match the dress. And all this after her dragging me to get a mani/pedi yesterday. Granted I needed it-desperately--but I really don't like being touched (I don't know why)--. Thus two days of-------and I am positive she will be starting on me to get my hair trimmed and styled--it just better not be tomorrow!!

When I finally got home today there were two messages on my machine--one client needed my to change the date-no problem there. The other wanted to know if I could come over tomorrow (she is in Great Neck-a good 1/2 hour and the Whitestone Bridge) but since
I was informed that tomorrow I have to pick my Mom up because she needs strawberries---of course she will see lots of other things she suddenly needs as well--I told that client Thursday---

I am sitting here trying to figure out if I can become a hermit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and possibly catch up on the books I have to review and just relax---------why do I think that is a pipe dream?

In conclusion--if I seem a bit slower then normal finishing those FB threads (especially the comments)--you now know why!

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Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I'm still trying to get the summer to hang on a little bit longer. I think the summer is going by way too fast and I have way too much to still do.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I remember those days with Mom (she has passed away). I enjoyed them but they wore me out. It was like taking care of two households instead of one. Hard work but so worth it! Who else would have cared about her like I did? Enjoy!

las930 said...

Ask Mom if the strawberries can wait til the weekend. I know she knows best and at that age we have to listen. Take care of yourself first though!

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