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Is Hypnosis the Answer for Me?

Friday, August 5, 2016

So, they tell me I have to quit smoking--and since I actually do have impaired lungs now--whether it be from allergies, or having had to walk through the black smoke of a chemical fire caused by the super in the building I used to live in, having had to work right behind the site of the 911 attack almost right after it happened, inhaling that stench even on the street where I live, smoking for approx 50 years or more then likely a combination of all of the above-I agree, I have to stop smoking. But how is that supposed to happen I haven't a clue.

I have tried parches, gum,lozenges, and those plastic cigarettes--none of those work. I even tried some of the prescription medicines that are used--unfortunately they made me totally paranoid and the doctor told me never to try that again!! It has only been since Dec 2015 that my lungs started acting up---asthma---caused by allergies. Fine--allergens no longer in my apartment (I am not allergic to my cat thank heavens)-- I now have a brand new air conditioner in my bedroom. And through sheer will power have cut back on smoking--but I have to quit and the only thing that seems to work is hard candy, a lot of hard candy.

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Those three hospital stays really left the rest of me in a total mess. The prednisone they shot into my veins continuously has played havoc with my blood sugar. I'm just about getting that regulated again-but not totally--They also shot me up with Insulin (which backfired on them) my stomach and digestive system are really messed up--my skin is a disaster area--and I am on an inhaler which since I am now in the "donut hole" as the pharmacy called it--will cost me approx $250.00 a month until I'm on the other side of this hole--and I am semi retired. I can no longer clean so I also have the expense of someone coming in every two weeks to clean for me (worth every penny). Extra hospital and doctor bills. Oh--did I mention I am a stress smoker? At this point just thinking about stopping smoking is stressing me out.

I guess I could try to find some sugar free hard card that I like--but that has yet to happen. Eventually I will pay off those extra bills and that "donut hole" will close--(that med will then cost $47 a month)--I am seriously considering hypnosis!! At least that is non invasive--I will have to check to see if the insurance will cover that--

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Judy Thomas said...

Try it! You have to try everything you can .I smoked for 40+ years and finally gave up a year ago after suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease) . I tried patches- I am allergic to the adhesive. I tried the gum- I would smoke and chew the gum at the same time. I tried quitting cold turkey with no help- I am surprised my kids didn't run away from home in fright!Finally my doctor prescribed Champix and they worked for me .I also ate a lot of lollies (candy) and have put on so much weight that my knees have lodged a complaint! Whatever you do, keep trying.One day something will click and you will be a non-smoker like me :) I still dream that I am going to the shops to buy a packet of smokes .I still sniff the air in bliss when I pass somebody having a smoke and linger near them just a wee bit too long but my doctor says that she sees more elderly people that are overweight with bad knees than she sees elderly smokers and I want to be around a bit longer than this :) Good luck <3

Meet Your New Favorite Book said...

If hypnosis isn't the answer, vaping might be. I smoked for years,and I haven't had a real cig in about 3 years. I don't mean those little plastic, cartridge or disposable existing, though. Those pick your nicotine level and can choose from pretty much any flavor you can think of... There's probably even a juice that tastes like those candies you like. ☺ After about a week of vaping, I couldn't stand the smell or taste of real cigs. I even got my super stubborn bf to quit smoking by vaping, and we've been weaning ourselves off nicotine, slowly. So, if hypnosis isn't the answer, you should give it a shot. If you want any info or tips on where to get good quality, cheap ecigs or juice,let me know. I'd be happy to hel! Best of luck!

Meet Your New Favorite Book said...
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