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Book Review-The Cow in the Doorway-Gino B Bardi

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First off I want you to know that the reason I originally agreed to read and review this book was the cover. A little of my past here--Before I decided to go to a small college in Northern Wisconsin-I went to visit it first. Now this was the first college I attended and that first trip up there was harrowing (for me at least). The jet from NY to Chicago was fine--then came that tiny 12 seater----------the pilot and the other guys who all happened to be going to the same place I was-had to catch me then pick me up and throw me on that plane. I was a nervous wreck the entire flight--those tree tops were much too close--At any rate-I was plenty tired when I got there and after finding the room where I was to stay I conked out. Bright and early the next morning I was awoken by voices and sunshine in my eyes--I opened said eyes to see a COW looking down at me. I guess those girls thought I'd freak out--but I didn't--I said good morning (to the cow). I was totally accepted after that--I wasn't the city girl they thought I was!! And yes, I did spend a year at that college----This novel takes place about the time I was first starting college and it was a crazy time (1968)--I recognized several of the characters in this book as being amazingly like the people I encountered up there.

The book starts out a bit slow but as you go along you will start to realize that you are actually enjoying reading out one boys 1st year and how he eventually grows up. First loves can be devastating. And the divide between the political stance between parents and kids was astronomical (until someone they knew was killed in Vietnam)! It does go a bit into what happened at peace rally's-(I never actually attended one)--His cohorts were a comic relief and always stood by him (when they could stand!)

This is a novel and not based on anyone's life--but sure could have been! It definitely was a walk down memory lane in many ways for me and I ended up thoroughly enjoying this novel!!!!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Cornell University, Ithaca New York, 1968: The barking megaphones of the antiwar protests never seem to shut up. The cafeteria food is awful and the coffee even worse. Tony Vitelli doesn't feel properly dressed without a STRIKE! T-shirt and an Iron Butterfly album under his arm. He can't see the top of his desk for all the books and papers. And his new roommate won't acknowledge his existence. Tony's first year at college is a complicated and bumpy ride. And very, very funny.

But, like real life, it's not all fun and games. Before his first year is out, Tony is branded a racist, a drunk, a lousy guitar player, and worse, a lousy lover at his first time at bat! His father has thrown him out of the family, the FBI is looking for him and a draft notice is on the way. One big problem is keeping him from getting his sh*t together. Once "the cow is out of the doorway," Tony does what needs to be done, and just in time. He gets what he needs...AND he gets what he wants. Join him for a semester of nail-biting hilarity!

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Gino B. Bardi was born in New York City in 1950, and lived on the South Shore of Long Island until he attended Cornell University in 1968, during the tumultuous era of Vietnam War protests. Armed with a degree in English/Creative Writing, he diligently sought work in his field and soon wound up doing everything but. For the next forty-four years he cranked out advertising copy, magazine articles, loan pitches and short stories while running a commercial printing company in Upstate New York. Along the way, he married his college girlfriend, became father to three lovely daughters and decided that winter was an unnecessary evil. In 2008 he sold the printing business, retired, and now writes humorous fiction in his home on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Two signs hang above his desk: "Bad decisions make good stories," and Mel Brooks' advice that "You only need to exaggerate a LITTLE BIT."

The Cow in the Doorway is his first full-length novel and won the statewide Royal Palm Literary Award for best unpublished New Adult novel for 2015.

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Adrianas Best Recipes said...

Interesting read and the cover is cool too =) Must look for this one soon

Liz Mays said...

I love your cow college story. That would have prompted me to read it as well!

Neely said...

I would buy this for my husband based on teh title and cover alone. He loves cows hahaha

Anonymous said...

Interesting read! I have such a huge TBR list that I am currently trying to read through.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This does indeed sound like a great funny read and I love your review. You make me want to find out what the cow in the door is so I ill have to read this book. I have to admit that I not a city girl and there are horses and cows not to far from town here but waking to a cow would freak me out. lol

Brandy Ellen said...

Sounds like a very interesting book that I would enjoy reading. Appreciate you giving a book recommendation!

nellwyn said...

This is such a fun title and book cover!

April Hammond said...

Looks like a thoughtful, but fun read! The cover art is cute and I would of probably said hi to the cow too!

Eliz Frank said...

The cover caught my attention and since, like you, I love cows and how the provide for us humans, I knew it would be a funny read.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I think the illustration on the cover would have piqued my interest as well. I love books that have a touch of humor in them.

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