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Let's Talk about Chick Peas

Thursday, June 9, 2016

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The Health Benefits of Chick Peas will astound you. Click here to read them all! And if you click here you can see the nutritional value of these delicious legumes.

I see a lot of recipes or mentions about Hummus--which are made from chick peas but smashed up and with other ingredients added--They are in a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern dishes which I'm sure you can find all over the internet!

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Now--I have to be honest here--I dislike Hummus intensely--and I rarely can eat the spicy Indian or Middle Eastern dishes due to a sensitive stomach (Pepcid here I come).

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However--I do love chick peas. Back when we always had chick peas as a snack whenever friends came around--BUT--all we did was buy a can--rinse them thoroughly-place in a bowl--and sprinkle with Black Pepper. We all loved them!! Why I haven't had them this way in a long time is anyone's guess--but since they seem to be okay for Diabetics (in moderation, of course)-I think I will make up a bowl and use them as a healthier snack. Of course if you have the time you can always buy them dried--soak--then boil them (I'm just too lazy!)

So--tell me--do you like Chick Peas and/or Hummus? Have you ever had them plain the way I described?

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valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

Hummus has become super popular in the past year or so. I just don't care for it, or chick peas. My sister-in-law loves it and often has it on hand.

Saidah said...

I'm cooking chick peas tonight. I love the texture and flavor.

Neely said...

I am obsessed with hummus. Have you tried black bean hummus?

Anonymous said...

I love chick peas in salads and I love hummus.

Liz Mays said...

I add these to soooo many dishes. They are one of my fave things!!!

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