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Book Review-Jacqueline-Jackie Minniti

Monday, April 18, 2016

Jacqueline is based on family history as told to this author by her father--the only one he would relate to anyone about his stint in WWII. Jackie Minniti wrote this for 6th graders and up to give them an idea about what it was like to live in Europe (specifically Paris) during WWII through the eyes of a child. I have to say she deals with the horrors and hardships that were encountered in a delicate and appropriate manner for the age group she is targeting.

What it must have been like to one day have a Dad then the next not (only a letter informing you about it)-food scarce, barely enough to survive-to have your neighbors taken away and have to hide their son. How did children deal with all this going on? How were their lives different? And to always be afraid when the bombing went off and you had to run for cover.

Then the American's came and sent the Nazi's on the run--and with them came an American who befriends Jacqueline and somewhat brings closure and hopefulness back to Jacqueline's life. He eventually has to leave--but will they meet again? Will he keep his promise and nane his first daughter after her?

As always I recommend that you read this before your child to make sure it is appropriate for them. I can see no reason why not. Thankfully this generation has never had to experience any of this firsthand----but unless you know what went before--how will you stop it from happening again.

About the book: (from Amazon)

When ten-year-old Jacqueline Falna hears her mother's scream, she is unaware that the axis of her world is about to tilt. Her father's plane has been shot down by German fighters. In the midst of poverty, food shortages, air raids, and the grinding hardship of daily life under Nazi rule, she forms an unlikely alliance with David Bergier, a twelve-year-old Jewish neighbor who poses as her cousin after his family is "relocated" by the Nazis. When Rennes is liberated, Jacqueline meets an American soldier and becomes convinced that he has been sent to reunite her with her father. Based on a true story, "Jacqueline" is a tale of family, faith, unusual friendships, and the resiliency of the human spirit set against the backdrop of occupied Rennes in 1944. With the drama of fiction and the authenticity of personal history, "Jacqueline" is both a story about family and a family's story.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Jackie Minniti was born and raised in the heart of New Jersey. She spent 25 years as a classroom teacher and was an education writer for the Courier Post. After retiring from teaching, she moved to a small beach town on the west coast of Florida and began writing full-time. She decided to incorporate her classroom experiences into a book that would combine the readability of a novel with the elements of a self-help book and give readers an intimate peek behind the faculty room door. "Project June Bug" is a result of that effort. The story of a dedicated teacher's efforts to help a student with ADHD, "Project June Bug" won several literary awards including an Eric Hoffer Book Award, a National Best Books Award, a Royal Palm Literary Award, a Next Generation Indie Book Award, four Parent to Parent Awards, and a Mom's Choice silver medal. "Project June Bug" was also chosen as Book of the Year by Premier Book Awards.

Jackie's second novel, "Jacqueline," is a middle grade historical fiction based on an experience her father (a WWII veteran) had while stationed in France shortly after D-Day. It was the only war story he was willing to share and became part of the family lore. Set in Nazi-occupied Rennes in 1944, "Jacqueline" is a tale of faith, family, unlikely friendships and the resiliency of the human spirit. With the drama of fiction and the authenticity of personal history, it is both a story about family and a family's story. "Jacqueline" is published by Anaiah Press.

Jackie is currently a featured columnist in The Island Reporter, a publication that serves the South Gulf Beaches in St. Petersburg, Florida. Three of her stories have been included in "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books. She also writes a blog, "Fabulous Florida Authors," featuring some of the outstanding writers from the Sunshine State.

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Beck Valley Books said...

I would be fascinated in this one especially from a child's perspective I've never read it like that before. The fact the my cousin is called Jacqueline does not make me anymore bias either :-)

Jamie said...

That sounds like a great book!! I can't imagine going through something like that, as a child. That is one strong person!

Sab Reads Books said...

This definitely sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Thanks so much for putting it on my radar!

Unknown said...

This sounds like a good one. I love this era of history!

Unknown said...

I love historical fiction!!! It really is an amazing genre to read, I have not heard of this author before I am going to have to look for this one before our next trip!

Neely said...

I bet my grandmother would love this. Shes really into books like this!

Across the Avenue said...

This is the kind of book I would have loved to use in my classroom! Genius, wish there were more like this out there!

Liz Mays said...

What a great book to open a dialogue between parents and children!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

This sounds like it would be great for kids interested in periodic history. And maybe for homeschooling curriculum.

julie Wunder said...

I love reading books from this period. Such a fascinating time. This book looks like a wonderful option.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I love the historical references in this book. It really gives the reader a unique perspective on that time period.

Sherry Compton said...

Great review. I like that this is a historical book geared toward middle schoolers. Being written in a true account through the eyes of a child really makes it powerful, and it sounds like it lives up to that idea. Thanks for the review.

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