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Baby, My Cat, Stole My Pills!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

I have read about cats who like to steal items for whatever reason--but a bottle of pills? I mean really--Since I have returned from my 5 day hospital stay (the 2nd in 3 months) she has been on the war path. I have to go to bed by 7 pm and don't even think about being on the computer--did you ever try to move an immovable object who is standing tail high in front of your monitor--it does not work. Well, I had about given up and turned off the computer. I have to keep taking Prednisone until I am weened off of it. Actually nobody has ever told me what would happen if I don't--but what the heck. So off we went to the kitchen to go pop those pills------------but they weren't on the counter where I left them--------I searched high and low figuring she must have swept them off the counter while I was at a client. She was following me around and she darn well knew what I was looking for! I kept asking her--finally I noticed that she has gone to lie down near a box top where she likes to keep some of her toys. Sure enough--there they were--calamity averted. I took the pills and we went to bed. Unfortunately it is freezing and I think I fell asleep for maybe 2 hours when here I am again at the computer sitting in my PJ's and a heavy terry robe. Is it really spring? She has already been in here trying to get me back to bed------she can barely keep her eyes open!!! Well I guess I better go and try to get a little more sleep--she has taught herself to turn on my desk lamp which she does at midnight when she deems it is time for her breakfast.

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miki said...

they do have a wait to make us do what they want....mine pushed me until i reached the stairs and bite me to make sure i went up to lie down^^: determination made cat better not to fight them

Jennifer G said...

Cats are so determined. I love them for it though haha.

Scott said...

Exactly the reason we don't have cats. I want stuff to remain where I left it!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

We used to have a dog who used to steal everything and hide it. I didn't know that cats are capable of doing this too.

Sara said...

Silly cat! My feline companion is too lazy {sorry Maurice! No offense!} to steal anything... well that is not completely true... he might steal your seat if given a chance!

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