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I Am Quickly Losing My Mind!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This has got to be one of the worst years ever when it comes to bookkeeping and clients. Nothing is going as planned-my calendar has more scratch outs and re entries between the weather and clients calling to reschedule or to tell me that they forgot something and could I PLEASE come in again and redo the forms for them YESTERDAY then has happened in a long time. Add to that that I still am not totally feeling myself after that hospital sojourn late December and seem to need naps every afternoon. I am still reading for my blog--but have been so tired I just can't seem to get the reviews written up-much less give comments so I can get comments!! I am barely managing to keep up with the FB group Tweets etc. I really try to get that all done on the same day--so far so good--before my eyes start closing or my fur baby starts annoying me cause she wants my undivided attention. I did manage to get my own taxes done--a miracle!!

All who come to Miki's have probably noticed that I am slowing down on giveaways--and they would be right. I have no real choice. I really do have to monetize my blog (or start getting sales from my affiliate sites)-AND do any of you realize what work it takes to get them out there. Time I don't have at the moment. Hopefully in a month or so I will be able to enter a few more hops (and find sponsors!). Until them it will be the books that have giveaways and a couple where I am helping out others. I also have a couple of posts I'm thinking of writing if I could only find the time and more important the energy!

Well it is almost 3 AM and I have to get a couple more hours of sleep before I drive to NYC to a client today (Baby is still waking me up at midnight by turning on my desk lamp).

I really hope I still see all of you on Miki's Hope and if you could would you just leave a comment on one or more of my reviews--I would so appreciate it!

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miki said...

Don't worry , those of us who like you blog like it for you not teh number of giveaway so really take care of you, if you have to take a break from the blog for a few days just do it and don't worry.
your health must come first and sleep is part if it

Scott said...

People just don't realize how much work it really is. Especially for book reviewers - that's a LOT of reading!

Myrah Duque said...

Don't let this worry you at all. We are the only ones that truly understand what is involved in all this.

Jess Benoit said...

I'm sorry you are going through all of this. It is a ton of work to blog and sometimes we have to step back and take a breather and re-evaluate what we are doing. Good luck :)

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