Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! (and what's up with Miki?) | Miki's Hope

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! (and what's up with Miki?)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Ever since I was in the hospital back in December it seems I have been going non stop. All of my bookkeeping clients have needed my undivided attention and my blog has been taking a hit--so have the comment groups I am in. As hard as I try--well I'm just hoping against hope that things calm down around here and I can get back to reading and writing and commenting. Of course the only year I am actually ready to do my taxes--------oh well maybe tomorrow. It is supposed to be way below zero with wind chills--so maybe I'll do them tomorrow. Meanwhile Baby has been demanding my attention (sitting on the keyboard etc)--she still isn't over the fact that I deserted her for those 7 days. I will be slowing down on the giveaways until I can figure out a way to make some money from my blog--not totally-but not as many as I used to.

At any rate there are still lots of giveaways up and I will continue my Sunday Stroll!!

So--what are you doing for Valentine's Day? As for me i will be cuddling up with Baby--my sweetest little furry Valentine!

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miki said...

i hope things will get easier for you
i'm coompletely overwhelemed as well ad all i hope for tomorrow is a nap , a littel reading with teh cat and dog at my sides but not even sure i will have that much free time^^

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