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It Is Offically 2016---

Friday, January 1, 2016

I trust and hope that everyone had a SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY New Years Eve!! I stayed home with Baby who was very happy that I wanted to spend New years Eve with her--see how contented she looked--

She actually allowed me to sleep late for a change--I got up before my Kitty Alarm!!

So what did I attempt to do all day the 31st? Well--finish off 2 books I had started and write up the reviews for them. Maybe start another one. I already have a giveaway pre scheduled for the 4th (one of the hops that you all love that I do and)--2 more giveaways that will be coming up--You have probably seen me promoting them--then there are the giveaways related to the book reviews! (one on the 6th).

I managed to get my car inspection done on the 29th--it is due today--cutting it close-but I was in the hospital--needed brakes--oh well--it could have been worse I guess--not an expense I needed at this moment!

For the first time in a lot of years I actually have my personal taxes in order--even after having my computer crash a couple of months back-now I just have to wait for the 1099's from the few clients who send them to me--or grab the info when I am there next! I even managed to get all the important expenses listed on Quicken from my debit and credit cards--a MIRACLE!! Yes, I did take a couple of shortcuts (I am a bookkeeper/accountant after all). Now I can concentrate on getting my clients ready--I am sooo glad I am semi retired and don't have too many of them left. OH--the payroll quarterlies for the last quarter of 2015-- have to do them before the year end work for my clients.

There are lots of sales starting on the 1st (affiliate links on the left side of my blog)-and Lilla Rose has their new January Flexi--so I will be updating all that Friday. Probably will pre schedule the Sunday Stroll as well-I will just have to keep adding my new ones as the week progresses.

One thing that I have already started doing which up until now I was simply horrible at is couponing a bit--but not clipping them and taking them with me--I always forget those even when they are in my pocketbook!! The A&P where I normally shop went bankrupt and the one I used was bought by Acme. Acme's prices are better but there are some items I miss. WHAT I LOVE is that instead of having a store card you go online and sign up. They have something called Maxx which are actually manufactor's coupons! All I have to do is go online--clip the ones I think I want and then when I go to check out I put my phone number into the credit card machine--and those coupons are automatically deducted!! I saved over $8.00 the other day!! Now even I can't mess this up (as long as I remember to write a list and not forget to take that with me!!). I think you can actually do it while at the store if you have a smart phone--but I don't so I do it before I leave my desktop!!

This is probably more then I've written in a while--so I'll let you go--see you all on my blog and yours!!

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Parenting Patch said...

Happy new year! I have a book review that I need to write. I also need to get the Christmas decorations down and put away. Here's to a great new year!

Danielle S said...

Happy New Year! I think it's great that you have decided to join the couponing world. I like e-coupons as well, but since I shop around to many different stores (which I think you guys back east lack, at least where my daughter lives in Jersey), I do prefer keeping coupons with me.

Scott said...

Brakes are something I started doing myself. So easy to change the pads (and rotors if needed) and can usually be done for under $60 (pads only)!

Anonymous said...

You can also add coupons to your phone with the Walgreen's app!

Sounds like you've got a great start on a new year, Michelle!

Unknown said...

Love this !!! Happy New Year to You !!! Laci

Unknown said...

Did your cat head out to party before you woke up so that you could sleep in? :)

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