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Radio Shack Re-Opens Store in Yonkers Gateway Plaza

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I had to take a double take. I had just parked to let my Mom go into the Hallmark store at the Yonkers Gateway Plaza on Central Avenue in Yonkers, NY. I decided to wait in the car and rest my tired legs when I looked to my left--Radio Shack which had been closed for quite a while was back and very much open for business! This makes me very happy because I actually prefer shopping in a smaller store where you can actually get people to help you. Now, when all I need is say a package of batteries I can pop in there instead of having to go into that big store and end up spending at least 1/2 hour on line. I don't know whether they reopened the other 2 Radio Shacks that were closed on Central Avenue-probably not-but I will be checking it out.

I went in to read about the closing of Radio Shack and it turns out that they had declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and were supposed to be closing over 200 stores give or take. I guess the powers that be decided this particular one was worth re opening!!

The sign said "Radio Shack is Back" and that they are busy restocking but are open and will be open on Thanksgiving from 8 AM to 1 PM. At least they are letting their employees go home to eat with their families!!

Just a note here--Radio Shack has no idea that I am posting this-I received nothing for this!!

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