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It Both Angers and Saddens Me

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I rarely if ever write a post like I am going to write. I try to stay away from politics and religion as much as is humanly possible. As always I would like to state that these are my opinions and while you may hold differing ones I will NOT respond to any comments. If you disagree with me--then I will agree to disagree with you and leave it at that. There is enough animosity in our world--we don't need anymore.

It saddens me that the world's three primary religions are always at odds with one another and have been since the split up into the three all those years ago. In my opinion whatever religion a person may believe in (or none at all for that matter)is right for that person and brings them peace. It seems to me that it is in trying to "convert" others to your belief that is the root of most if not all the evil that is befalling us today. Through the years people have killed in the name of religion--most recently it is the right wing of the Muslim religion--remember the Crusades? Those were the right wing of the Christians. Hey we have some pretty radical groups of our own in the United States as well--hell bent on getting others to believe and act the way they think they should. Just like not all people from the United States are bad--neither are all the people who are Muslim or Christian or green with purple polka dots!

Watching what is happening in the United States angers me. I can't seem to understand how BIG BUSINESS has taken over our political system-but they have. Senior citizens who worked all their lives are now more and more having to decide whether to get that prescription or to buy food. Young children walk around hungry and sometimes homeless. Insurance companies are strangling the citizens with substandard health care while trying to get rid of the new health care system which is helping many whether you want to believe it or not. The doctors are leaving the profession (and I can't really blame them) and fewer Americans are opting in to become doctors. It is the insurance companies who decide what care you need or don't need.

And with that I will leave you to ponder and I will go and cuddle with Baby

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