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Are You Single--What do you Make for Dinner?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Being single sometimes has its downsides--like eating for instance. It is very difficult to find anything made or that can be made for one person only! I am still very tired from yesterdays fiasco and didn't even feel like making a pot of pasta-but I knew I had to eat something-I barely ate anything all day. Then I remembered--I still had one of the Barber Foods raw stuffed chicken breasts in my freezer. I had bought the one that comes 2 to a box -each individually wrapped--and had one left. I stuck it in a bread loaf aluminum pan I had hanging around-turned on the oven and let it cook. This is raw chicken so you do have to make sure it is cooked thoroughly. I then pulled out one of the individual Green Giant String Bean (they come 6 individual to a container)-opened it and put on plate. For dessert==an individual cup of Mandarin Oranges.

If you have never tried the Barber Foods Chicken products--I suggest you do. They are really tasty and good and perfect for a single or perhaps for a lunch for a SAHM!

This is not a sponsored post. Barber Foods and/or Green Giant have no idea I am writing this but somehow I don't think they will mind an unsolicited recommendation!

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Nancy said...

I'm not single, but I'm a fan of cooking once to prepare food to eat for several meals. I have tried these Barber products and like them. I would have cooked both at one time, and eaten one for dinner. Then you can use the second cooked one over a dinner salad, over pasta, etc.

You can buy a rotisserie chicken - or bake one yourself - and make numerous meals from it - plain baked chicken, chicken and pasta, chicken tacos, tostados, over a green salad, chicken and rice, and soup. You can use the same method for ground beef, etc.

Anonymous said...

These are really good! I like them, too.

If you're looking for a more cost effective version, Aldi's has theirs for $0.99 and are also very good. They come individually wrapped.

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