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Here's a List of Author's I've Read and Loved Whose Books are on Sale

Friday, July 3, 2015

Over the last week or so I have posted about author's who I have read and loved whose books are on sale at Amazon for .99--Just in case you missed any of them here is a list in no particular order. I have included links to their Author Amazon Pages as well as my original post. If I have missed anyone it is because I didn't realize their books were on sale!! There are so many author's I have read over the years and each of them has made reading a pleasure!! I am not totally sure when these books will go back to their regular price-so you will have to check to make sure.

Stephen Douglas-All 3 in The King Trilogy on Sale!
Stephen Douglas Amazon Author Page

All of Dianne Harman's Cozies are on Sale!
Diane Harman's Amazon Author Page

Dead Medium by Peter John on Amazon US & UK for .99 ! My Review here A Delightful book!
Peter John's Amazon Author page

Owen Jones, an author I have read and reviewed has an anthology of Asian Short stories out-with his and several other author's stories included-it is currently .99 and yes I just bought it and my review will be forthcoming!
Owen Jones Amazon Author Page

Carole Gill is an author whose books I have not read but I know a lot of you love this genre. Carole Gill writes paranormal romance and horror combined. Her acclaimed 4-novel series, The Blackstone Vampires is a case in point. You will find a couple of her books on her Amazon Author page that are .99 According to Carole they are dark horror
Carole Gill's Amazon Author Page

Jessie B. Tyson-White Heaven Women-Kindle E-Book On Sale 7/6-7/12
Jessie B. Tyson Amazon Author Page

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