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Michelle Gorman, author Needs some HELP picking the Title for her next book

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If you are a Romance Reader then Michelle Gorman needs your help. She is trying to decide on the title for her newest book and asked me to please ask all of you-- (this is not a sponsored post-I am receiving nothing for posting this).

If you could just kindly click in and give your choice-it is anonymous she would be ever so grateful! The book will be world wide and it is possible that the book may end up with different titles. From the blurb this is going to be another fun one!!

Click here for the questionnaire! and to read the blurb from her newest book.

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Anonymous said...

I just filled out the survey. Wanted to read the book from the excerpt, can not wait to see which title gets picked - hope you share when it is published so we all know.

Michele Gorman said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for helping me! Michele xo

Michele Gorman said...

And thanks Jennifer, we'll definitely share the final decision (and the cover once my publisher has designed it :-)) xo

Unknown said...

This is a really cool opportunity. I imagine I would have an incredibly difficult time trying to chose a name for a book if I were to write one. My dad is great with this kind of thing. Me, not so much. Lol. Can't wait to see what the final choice is!

angela bauer said...

I choose the book name I liked, we all go threw boyfriends! ! Can't wait to read this

peg5 said...

hi, i voted for the title i liked. looks like a wonderfully entertaining book!

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