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Innori Power Strip GA-WW-#IPS0415-Ends 5/13 @las930

Monday, April 13, 2015

INNORI Power Strip:

Did you ever get in the situation when you cannot find the adapter and you are stuck with extension cables? There is no other option except for charging with your PC or laptop. Or if you are travelling, and you lose the adapter or forgot it at home. Believe me we all have been there once.

Let me tell you something. INNORI has come up with a new product to help you with this situation. This product is “The INNORI Power strip.”

You saw that right! Unlike the usb power strip, this has 4 USB ports and 2 universal sockets. It means that you can charge your Smartphones, tablets and use other devices and you can use the computer, desk lamp etc. in one place. This saves space and enables charging of multiple devices at the same time and keeps the place clean and tidy as well.

It’s not only the 4 USB ports that draw a user’s attention. It has more features that differentiate the INNORI power strip from other power strips. The most attention grabbing feature is the intelligent charging. Now comes a question, what is intelligent charging? This means that it can recognize different devices automatically and allocate the best charging current for your device. How? The best surge protector with USB are equipped with in-built dual-core intelligent detector.

Due to the detector, the total power output of 2000W is used. This means that the power strip will not blow a fuse easily, allowing you to connect more high-powered devices. This increases the life of the INNORI power strip. The surge protector outlet is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, leakage, short circuits, overload and lightning, and it meets CE and 3C specifications, so you can use this device without any worries about safety. The material of the plastic parts is ABS, which remains flame proof under 750 degrees centigrade.

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Unlike the traditional way of constantly same current charging, ensuring a faster speed of charging and no protection of device batteries. The intelligent detector assures a more efficient and safer charging of your devices. When it is overloaded, the INNORI plug board will stop working and you need to pull its plug out and plug again to make it work again.

Another cool thing about this best surge protector is that it saves space. Yes, its size is 190*57*47mm. So you can also travel with it, it’s not heavy at all. It weighs only 499g. It has 1.8m extension cable. Above all its 2-in-1 flat power strip and USB charger. This is a nice thing to keep when you are travelling. Even if you are not travelling, it is a great charging station that can meet your daily needs for charging different devices and supplying power for 2 AC appliances. It has the ability to connect smartphones, tablets, desk lamps, computers, and more, can reduce mess and clutter caused by too many chargers and devices.

INNORI provides a 12-month warranty to our customers from the purchase date of this extension lead. You can always contact us for help in the case of malfunctioning of it.

So if you are looking for a power strip that has so many features like 4 USB ports, protect the device with its intelligent charging feature, ensures user and device safety, saves space and comes with a 12 month warranty, then INNORI power strip is the one. INNORI products are made safe. The manufacturers keep in mind the safety and the needs of the user.

If you want to purchase this product or have any question regarding this product, visit our website.

INNORI Power Strip:
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