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Too Much Sleep...say it isn't so?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

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Lawrence Gold, MD one of my favorite medical mystery authors sent me a couple of emails having to do with real medical issues--I decided to combine them since they actually deal with the same thing----STROKES. I have been pretty lucky with my Mom--no major strokes. Of course she did have one in one of her eyes and now is blind in that eye, not that that stops her--She is still driving, reading, playing bridge, mahjong and meeting her friends for dinner etc. Hard to believe she is 92!! (of course I do try to limit her driving by always taking her anywhere she needs to go that isn't within 5 or 10 minutes of where she lives!)

A couple of weeks ago Dr. Gold sent me a link to his website that once you get there will take you to Web MD where it tells you all about stroke. The article is titled Understanding Stroke:Diagnosis and Treatment

Then just the other day he sent me an article entitled Too Much Sleep...say it isn't so?
This is interesting to say the least!!!

Once you get to his website there is lots of other information on medical type issues--Just can't take the doctor out of this author which does make for some GREAT novels!!

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Rebecca Swenor said...

I find this to be very interesting indeed. I can see why you combined them. My grandmother and my grandfather were both prone to strokes. I wonder if it was because of the sleep. Thanks for sharing.

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