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Book Review-Purged-(Circle City Mystery Series)-M.E. May

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your upbringing has a lot to do with how you are as an adult as this novel shows. Religious Zealots like the Grandmother in this novel caused irreparable damage to not only her grandson but ultimately to others as well.

There is a coven of Wiccan living in this town. Wiccan's are peace loving and believe in Nature and the Goddess. There is also a church in this town where the pastor and his flock are convinced these women are doing sacrifices etc. and are constantly complaining about them to the police.

Then the women begin to be killed in gruesome ways and a tattoo is emblazoned on their chests. Detective Chenelle Kendall and her partner Detective Erica Barnes have to figure out who is doing this. Meanwhile more of these women are being killed. Of course the Church members are the prime suspects-----

You will know from the beginning who the killer is and why--but the ending is a shocker.

About the Book: (from the Author's Website)


Fourth Novel in the Circle City Mystery Series

Indianapolis Homicide Detective, Chennelle Kendall, faces the greatest challenge of her career when an avenging angel decides to force members of a Wiccan coven to confess their sins by torturing and murdering them. The killer believes them to be a group of devil worshippers and uses this belief to justify his acts of cruelty.

Chennelle and her partner, Detective Erica Barnes, discover a church whose members have been opposing this group of Wiccans for several months. Soon the detectives have a large pool of suspects, but no evidence to back up their suspicions. Meanwhile, the avenging angel continues to claim more victims.

Soon, Chennelle finds herself struggling to maintain her objectivity and respect for all parties involved and their rights to worship as they see fit. When she discovers the long held secrets of the angel’s origin, will it help Chennelle stop this killer before he strikes again, or will this recent revelation give him the opportunity to purge the sins of his past?

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About the Author: (from the Author's Website)

M. E. May (Michele) lives in the far Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, Paul, and white Husky, Iris. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the fourth of five children to working class parents. Both of her parents were avid readers who loved mystery, fantasy and romance. They often encouraged her to read as well. Her son, Brian, and daughter, Marie, and four wonderful grandsons, Kodey, Kaleb, Kameron, and Gustin all live in central Indiana. M. E. attended Indiana University-Kokomo studying Social and Behavioral Sciences. This sparked her interest in the psychology of humans and the curiosity to ask why they commit such heinous crimes upon one another.

At age 50, she finally realized what she wanted to be when she grew up -- an author. She always knew she had it in her, but was never quite sure how to fit writing in with raising children and working full-time. In 2008, her wonderful husband found out about her dream of becoming an author. He suggested she take a year off to get started. The children were grown and have been on their own for several years now, so why not?

Michele is a member of several organizations, such as Mystery Writers of America (including the local chapter MWA Midwest); Sisters in Crime (Chicagoland and Speed City in Indianapolis) and is currently Vice President and Program Chair of the Chicagoland group; Chicago Writers of America and their affiliate InPrint.

She is currently writing a series of novels involving the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which she calls the Circle City Mystery Series. The first novel, Perfidy, explores the depths of human perception and to what lengths a person will go in seeking revenge. Perfidy was honored on February 2, 2013, by colleagues at the Love is Murder Conference in Chicago, when Michele received the 2013 Lovey Award for Best First Novel. The second novel, Inconspicuous, was nominated for the 2014 Lovey Award for Best Suspense. The third novel in the series, Ensconced, was released March 7, 2014, and the fourth, Purged, will be released on November 20, 2014. Michele was also privileged to have her short story, "Uncle Vito and the Cheerleader" accepted for the Speed City Sisters in Crime anthology, Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks, which was released in October 2013.

Authors Website

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JLT said...

Wow looks like a great murder mystery. Like the author I like to at least attempt to understand WHY people commit heinous acts. Thanks for the review.

Athena said...

Very interesting story. Wiccans are often viewed as less than kind - this book presents them in a different light.

Scott said...

My friend has read this book! I remember her telling me about the plot, and specifically the tattoos. She loved it!

Jenn said...

The cover alone looks like it would be a interesting read. I love books like this.

Unknown said...

This looks like an interesting read. I am adding to my must read book list.

Melanie Payne said...

I started reading this last week! Great book so far, looking forward to finishing it

Theresa Mahoney said...

This one is definitely going on my list! I don't normally do religious type books, but this sounds more like a mystery, which I love. Great review!

The AnnMarie John said...

Oh the ending is a shocker? These are the books I like, when I think I know everything and the end just surprises you.

MyCatKevin said...

I am always looking for something new to read, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Ooo...this one sounds a little too freaky for me LOL But it's good that it keeps you in suspense until the end!

Maria said...

Women and sacrifices aren't my thing but a good mystery is!! Sounds like thrilling book!

Erika Awakening said...

Well the suspense is already built up just from reading the review - I guess we will need to read the book to find out what happens :)

Rebecca said...

another great review. I am definitely intrigued now must add to list.

mail4rosey said...

I hope it's stop the killer before he/she strikes again (answering the final thoughts on the review). :) And yep, upbringing does affect who you become as an adult, at least somewhat.!

Rebecca Swenor said...

This is the kind of movies I love so I know I would love the book. Thanks for sharing.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I love mysteries like this one. I'm sure the mystical subject matter also makes it more exciting to read.

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