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$25.00 Amazon/PP-WW- @HappyHarvest Giveaway Hop-Ends 11/10

Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Fall is my favorite time of the year with the colorful leaves and when I think of a Fall Harvest I think PUMPKIN.

I love Apple Pie, any fruit pie actually--but my absolute favorite is PUMPKIN PIE. Just plain old pumpkin pie--don't need whipped cream or any other additives-don't really care if it is store bought or home made-just give me a slice or three of Pumpkin Pie--I don't even need a fork!! If you want to see a full blown smile on my face---hand over the Pumpkin Pie!!

(picture orginally from www.chicagonow.com)

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Jill said...

Caramel Apple from Elegant Farmer... it's baked in a paper bag and I am pretty sure they pour a ladle of caramel on the top....it's amazing

Anonymous said...

I really like mixed berry pie, I make one every year for thanksgiving.

kelly nicholson said...

Now that you know what my favorite pie is--please tell me which is your favorite

i like lemonade pie just like john fred and his playboy band sang...judy sounds cool too..throw her in

Unknown said...

My favorite desert is banana cream pie. Only problem is it has to be made by my grandmother. No other one has ever compared!

Patricia said...

My favorite pie is chocolate pecan with vanilla bean ice cream.

AEKZ2 said...

I love sweet potato pie and Boston cream pie.

Jessilee Raub said...

I am more of a cake person, as long as it is a good moist cake I love. And my sister makes this amazing apple cake.

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