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A Short Note to and about the Comment Spammers Around the World

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baby is getting very upset-----

Has anyone else noticed lately that spam comments have been coming in fast and furious? I sometimes wonder if these people are being paid to put comments on blogs. Mine it seems are coming from France according to Google. Thank heavens Google is great at catching these sometimes funny sometimes half way polite and sometimes illegible posts before they hit my blog!! For a while there it was China and Russia--France has them beat AND to make matters worse the French are hitting up all my posts-even one or two of the current ones. The spammers from China and Russia usually picked on one or two relatively old ones--so I would just close off the comments and it would take them a while to find some more. I also think we have a bunch of home grown spammers in the mix--People you should be ashamed of yourselves!! And NO--your spam will not be allowed to enter this post either.

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Happy Gardening, Kim said...

You tell 'em girl. I get them too. very frustrating for sure!!

Danielle S said...

I am doing the same thing. I closed off the comments on posts that spammers seem to love, and spam comments went down considerably.

valmg said...

I refuse to use Google for commenting or disqus or anything like that. I won't subject readers to having to use a prticular system to leave a comment. That being said, self-hosted Wordpress handles spam comments beautifully and I get very few.

Marie said...

Yes I too have also been getting a lot of comments, the other morning I woke up and had over 30 emails for comments on old posts. I was like are you kidding me? they have too much time on their hands. a lot of the comments make no sense at all, a few do. Most are gibberish some are super long too and take up a huge amount of space in the page. I also use wordpress, however I get the occasional blast of comments even using the main plugins used to stop it. I got another and it has stopped for now. I don't like spam comments :(

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