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Having a Laser Procedure on your Eye Does NOT Hurt!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, today I went down and had the first of two laser procedures done to my eyes. Today was the right one. I was VERY nervous as I had never had one done before. It is virtually painless and as of right now I am having no trouble with my eye--no redness, no blurriness which I kind of thought would happen. I even received a pair of sunglasses which really protects my eyes on all sides and top and bottom from the sun FREE!!! Of course I have special eye drops to use for a while but that is nothing.

What the doctor is doing is widening the angle in my eye, actually I think she said she put a hole in there so fluid will not build up and cause pressure in my eye which is very not good!! After the left eye is lasered I will see the neuro ophthalmologist and see what if anything can be done with the drusen that have grown on my optic disc. Eye drops will hopefully stop me from losing any more of my peripheral vision!

As of right now there is nothing that can get rid of those calcified nodules--although, as I mentioned to the doctor--if they can get rid of kidney stones-maybe they can figure out some kind of drop that will dissolve them! She said to ask the neur guy--you know I will!!

I'm in this for the long haul--the way I love to read--I will do most anything to preserve my sight!

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smashbravo said...

Is this so you don't have to wear glasses"? I've always wondered how that goes.

Lisa Weidknecht said...

I am SO glad to hear it was much easier on you than you originally thought! I'll keep praying for a permanent solution for you. I hope you'll continue reading too because most of my book choices come from reading your blog. :)

Celebrate Woman said...

I am so happy it went flawlessly. Now, you gotta take care of it!

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