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Signed Book GA (5)-The Second Lives of Honest Men-John R. Cameron-Ends 3/17

Friday, March 7, 2014

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What a great book this was-I enjoyed reading every second of it! The future and the past is blended perfectly in this fictional account of what the world will be like in the future; and how just a couple of people were able to "save" the world from corporate and political greed and the technology which allowed it all to happen!

We have all seen people walking around attached to their phones, ipads etc; children sit dazed in front of screens and adults mindlessly ignoring everything while listening to their favorite tunes. Well-take this a bit further and imagine that there is no more human interaction-the computers are virtually in our brains and we just have to think in order to get answers-history -well-no one is the slightest bit interested in that. Answers to questions pop up in front of our eyes via the internet. No one uses books anymore. Corporations have taken over and consumerism is exploited.

There is only one history professor left-and he is soon to be retired-who has attempted to hoard all the old real books. He knows that only a truly honest man can get the world back on track--Abraham Lincoln. But Honest Abe has been dead for centuries-how is he going to help--sorry people-you will just have to read this book to find out!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

On the evening of April 14th, 1865, a flawless duplicate replaced the 16th President an instant prior to his assassination. Two centuries later, Honest Abe opened his eyes to a world in desperate need of guidance.

THE SECOND LIVES OF HONEST MEN is a prescient vision of where society's dependence on technology could be taking us. It's a character driven story about love, redemption, and hope, with deep philosophical underpinnings related to how we think, feel, and reason in a world where it's ironically easy to feel disconnected.

Read a chapter or two here

Purchase the book on Amazon here As of right now this book is .99!!!!!

About the Author: (from Amazon)

My family often drives me to the brink of madness; not a difficult thing to do, considering how close to the edge I already am. My daughter is a hellion. At the age of five, she's both bright and bold, obstinate, and pushes every button I have. My wife blames my genetics: "I was never like that," she claims. I deny it, despite knowing that I was also an uncontrollable child.

I'm a teacher, but I consider myself a modern philosopher. I'm very worried about the current state of education. I'm concerned about the future, in general. I don't think we all necessarily need to be alarmists, though I do believe that if you look at the world around you and aren't a little worried, you and I probably aren't going to agree on much. (I'll pretend not to look while you navigate elsewhere. There's plenty of other entertainment on-line. Crushing Candy, and so forth...)

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Unknown said...

Well there has been two movies out about Abe and this book
seems as good as anything written about hin a great tell of past and present. Thanks

Simple Savings With Lex said...

I love this!

Athena said...

I have read a similar book and it is great to see the directions they end up going with the storyline.

Ashley R said...

Wow, sounds like an interesting book!

Sherry Butcher said...

Love this, souds like a must read for me.

Vinma said...

Gosh! This sounds very interesting! No more human interaction, but just communication via computers, that too in our brains!! Thanks for the intro. I will be checking into this further :)

Rebecca said...

What an interesting book definitely falls in the must read list, By the way thank you for sharing such awesome books al the time.

Katherine Bartlett said...

This sounds like a really interesting read! I'll be looking into it

Yvonne W. said...

I would love to win this book for my 25 yr old daughter Brittany who told me she loves good Dystopian books, so before I even entered this, I went on Amazon to check the star ratings and reviews to make sure it is a "GOOD" dystopian book and wow, it's got so many stars and great reviews it makes me interested in it too and I personally usually only read nonfiction. I would love to win this for Brittany. It sounds like she would really like it!
Thanks for the giveaway to you and the author.

Krissy Deane said...

Sounds like an interesting read to me! Thanks for the insight and hosting the giveaway. :)

Let's Grow said...

thank you for this giveaway. looking forward to reading if i win.

Rhonda Martin said...

I too wonder what technology will bring next. Some are so addicted to their iPhones it's scary, so with just a bit of imagination I could see this happening. I think it's perfect for a great read. I have caught myself saying several times "what's this world coming too?". Maybe if I read this book I'd know lol. They now have eye glasses that have a screen project in your glasses. I would love to read this book.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good book.

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