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I Thought the Blogger Reader was Leaving?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I thought the Blogger reader was leaving as of July 1st. Well, imagine my surprise when I went in last night to put up a new post and suddenly realized--IT IS STILL THERE!! Yes, I am on Bloglovin' now but I am also still on Google reader as are a lot of other people! I switched totally to looking for giveaway linkys on Bloglovin' (I also catch some of you on Twitter and Facebook!) - now I realize I still have to look in both places!! Maybe only those on Blogger are still showing? I really wish Google would make up it's mind!!!!!

At this point I will still be using Bloglovin' mostly so if you haven't please follow me!!


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Karren Haller said...

Stopping by from Weidknecht Events Going Crazy I too wish they would make up their minds, I moved all blogs I was following over to bloglovin. Didnt want to loose those that I have followed forever. Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

i've gone to using Bloglovin exclusively only because i'm too lazy to keep going back forth

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