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E-Book Review/Giveaway-FORGERY-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB A MEMOIR Keith L. T. Alexander-Ends 4/1

Monday, March 11, 2013

This contest is officially over. The winner of the E-Book FORGERY-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB A MEMOIR by Keith L. T. Alexander is number 9

Kelly A. Tanner said... 9

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March 31, 2013 at 3:43 PM

Congratulations. This is one memoir that you will never quite forget! I will be sending you an email in just a few minutes -please respond within 48 hours with your full name and the email address where you want the E-Book sent and I will forward it to the person who will be emailing it to you.

“The rich and the poor create their own laws. The middle class is
confined by laws.”

--- Mom

Sometimes fact is stranger then fiction. That is definitely the case with this book. I can’t even contemplate growing up as this person did. A mother, who was a white Jew and determined to live the way she wanted. His father was a African American man, who only came around to beat up on him if he did something wrong. As if the normal trials and tribulations of growing up in the worst neighborhoods, always hungry, hanging out with gang members, getting into plenty of trouble and missing his father wasn’t enough; his mother was larcenous to her very soul and taught her son to be the same way. His sister managed to escape by going to college. The people he grew up around were the outcasts of society back then-but he worshipped them for the attention he was given. No matter how I tried I could not dislike the mother—even at the very end when something is revealed that you absolutely will not believe!!

Although I had to read this book as a PDF on my computer, which for me is not the easiest, I enjoyed this tale and suggest that you go pick up a copy and read it for yourself. It is a real eye opener.

About the Book:

Set in 1960's Chicago, Keith, an African-American, lived with his white and single Jewish mother. Rather than getting an ordinary day job, his mother Anita finds herself involved in various intellectual crimes. These include mail fraud, bank fraud, stealing university marijuana, running bicycle theft ring, and most notably, art forgery.

His mother established a membership-based circle where customers would pay a fee to have access to her forged Picasso's and Rembrandt's each month.

For a while, Keith worked alongside his mother, but as he got older, he decided it wasn't for him and he's since changed his ways. Forgery of the Month Clubis both a tribute to his mother, and a personal coming-of-age tale.

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Unknown said...

I will have to look this book up. I love to read strange non fiction books about how others grew up.

Debra L Martin said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for posting your review.

Unknown said...

i love true story stuff like this...im gonna go look for this one!

Chubskulit Rose said...

This looks like a very interesting book to read, will check it out.

Healy Harpster said...

I liked stories that are based in real life. It really interest me! I will look for this book online..

Unknown said...

Will take a look. Love reading memoirs.

Anonymous said...

I love reading and will add this to my list (unless of course you just tell us what the mother did!).

Kelly A. Tanner said...

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Becca Wilson said...

I did everything but Tweet!
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Thanks for the giveaway. This book looks awesome.

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