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Silver Threads: Ways to Wear Metallics For Spring 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

It’s back to the future for the fashion world, with spring 2013’s hottest trend: yes, you guessed it – metallics. Maybe it’s down to last year’s Olympics, but we’re fascinated with all that glitters this season. If metallics don’t take up serious real estate in your wardrobe, it’s time to get trending.

Sophisticated and cutting-edge, metallics are subtly sexy for a night out – there’s something about this style that just can’t do casual – whether it’s a blazer or a stunning dress, metallics always look chic. But back off this style if you’re not willing to make a statement, as metallic wear is definitely an eye-catcher.

The Many Faces Of Metallics

When it comes to shoes, these stunning heels in metallic shades look designed for offensive weaponry rather than pounding pavements. From gunmetal stilettoes to hanging chains, you can punk-up any outfit with some silver/gold/bronze detailing.

That’s not to say that metallics can’t be feminine too – flirty pencil skirts and pretty silhouettes are always a fantastic way to add a little glam girliness to your outfit. Metallic brocade, for example, has a timeless femininity that suits every age.

Touchable Textures

Pastel has been having a moment, but metallics take this palette and make it shine! The textured alternatives are so touchable that they put faux snakeskin to shame. If you really want to unabashedly go for the sci-fi silvers, then don’t look back! Take the streets with your hi-def, chunky silver bags, outfits, or pumps. Heavy metal is definitely in right now.

Word of warning, satin can be a bit much to handle, as it’s positively glowing when metallic. Style tip: balance the eye-watering satin gloss with matte clothes or wear at night time to burn bright on the dance floor.

Break All The Rules

Gorgeous golds can make you look as if you just stepped out of a Gustav Klimt painting…in a good way (nothing like a bit of fashion to make you feel cultured!). Don’t be afraid to match silver and gold together; rules are meant to be broken.


Hologram clutches and 3D handbags are all the rage right now. Be sure to match all your outfits with a metallic bag for consistency. You can buy silver jewellery online; in fact, with Valentine’s Day next month, maybe it’s time to start dropping hints about a stunning metal necklace to carry off your statement outfits.


Do you stick with neutral colors for easily-put-together ensembles? When you need to get ready in five minutes flat, we understand that wearable outfits are a must. Try this: substitute your neutral clothes for a palette of metallic bronzes, golds, silvers, and pastels. Immediately, your metallics function just as your neutral clothes did, except they’re far more interesting, fantastic, and drop-dead-gorgeous. Bye-bye boring browns, and hello shimmery metallics!

The Men Are At It Too!

When it comes to this trend, there’s no battle between the sexes. For the springtime weather, the boys have been seen supporting candy wrapper raincoats and metallic suits. Everyone’s happy – and that’s what we like to see.

This post has been contributed by Zoe, a British fashion and beauty blogger who’s looking forward to dressing in springtime outfits! She has written this post today for vintage and costume jewelery company Pearl & Butler.

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping by. A metallic dress might be nice for an evening out on the town. I just don't see myself wearing metallic clothing.

Unknown said...

I have never worn such clothing but they look great. Have a wonderful weekend.

Style, Decor & More said...

Love Glitz and Glam!! I enjoy wearing sparkle tanks under my jackets!! :)

Tiffany: Diva Locks said...

I love all those metallic colors, so cool and hip looking :)

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

I love metallic golds and bronzes!


Becca Wilson said...

I don't know if with my skin tone I could pull off metallics but my hubs should could pull off that blue suit. Love it!

Mel Cole said...

metallic dresses are fun to wear in clubs. you will shine like a star :)

Melinda Dunne said...

I LOVE the metallic clothing on this post. I would love to find a cute metallic dress to wear.

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