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My Life is Changing Once Again

Friday, December 21, 2012

Life, as I have known it is changing—I left, or in all honesty was being pushed out of, a job I wasn’t sure I wanted in the first place. Ten years ago I had my own bookkeeping service with lots of clients—then the economy tanked and I decided, with much prodding, to become an employee at one of them. When the office manager left I, as the bookkeeper, had to literally, overnight, revamp the accounting department-which I did-I actually hand picked the person who would take over my position when I retired-plus a billing clerk and an accounts receivable person. We won’t mention that it was I who gave the final okay to the accountant who, sadly to say, is the person who is a big part of the reason I left! I lost some of my own clients because I could no longer “switch days” for them as easily.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I can no longer afford to work for this NJ company (I live in NY). Besides the drive 3 days a week (1 ¼ hours each way if there is no traffic-which never happens) and the wear and tear on my car which has 196,000 miles on it—EZ Pass is costing me 315.00 a month and gas about 160.00 a month!! And even though this employer graciously paid half my health insurance-which would have been going up to over 700.00 in Jan if I had not been able to switch to a high deductible plan—I also end up paying both NJ and NY State taxes. Then of course I have all my other bills. No can do anymore----

Yes it will be rough—but I have already put an application into a Temporary Agency and I do still have some of my own clients. Maybe I can pick up a couple more. I also have been making some money from my blog—not too much but am hoping to increase this in 2013—by writing posts and putting up guest posts. If I can manage to get myself a new printer with scanner I might even do some Mystery Shopping which I haven’t done in a long time.

You see, I am a survivor—I will probably take off some time before I forge ahead full steam—to lick my wounds—and hopefully mend this broken heart. No matter what-when you give your heart and soul to a company for 10 years—it hurts--

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Olivia R said...

Good luck...can't believe travel time

Sherry Butcher said...

happy new year may it be better than the last one. Good luck.

Just Short said...

It sounds like you made a solid decision. I almost think it must have been costing you to go to work instead of making any money. Good Luck!!!

Unknown said...

Good luck on everything!! I've been bounced around since 2010 when I got laid off and finally got a permanent job back where I got laid off from originally.... Although I have to move to seattle :(

I'm curious though - how do you do mystery shopping? How'd you get into it ?? I've always been interested in that.

B said...

Wow if you're going to take sometime off-i'm going to miss you
I look forward to your blog everyday

Celebrate Woman said...

It's wonderful that you left what was not pleasant in the first place!
And take a couple moments to just reflect in piece what you really need, want and can do.
You are a dynamite!
So happy to know you, my blogging buddy!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Commuting can be hell! Mystery shopping sounds like fun though - I love shopping! Good luck chuck :)

Wayne W Smith said...

Good luck but it sounds like you are already going down the road to a higher level of happiness.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

I also commute but thankfully, not that far. Even so, the wear and tear of the vehicle, plus the cost of gas is prohibitive. I am going to start taking the FastTrack train and from there the bus into work. I will end up walking a short distance. But it will save on the wear and tear of the car. Good luck with 2013 and making some cash on the blog!

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