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Book Review - Spectra – Joanne Elder

Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you like science fiction, futuristic science fiction with some morality thrown in? Try to imagine what happens when a group of 6 people happen upon a new life form on an unexplored planet that just happens to have resources that are wanted on their home planets. These life forms which are goodness itself manage to let the explorers know that the humans presence is killing them. 4 of the 6 agree (majority rules) and they leave. It is what happens when they get back home----------

Honestly I had a hard time getting through the first 14 or so chapters—there was just too much science talk—protons, atoms, neutrinos etc and I have never been all that good at physics—but then at chapter 15 this book really takes off!! I ended up really enjoying it!!

About the book (from the back cover)

What happens when the fragile line between genius and insanity is bought with the blood of an entire species?

Light years away from Earth a mining exploration crew makes an amazing discovery...intelligent life comprised entirely of energy. This living energy is so pure and unique, it could provide proof of the existance of the human soul. Those exposed to the entities gain unimaginable cognitive abilities but at a terrible cost.

A rogue scientific group will do anything to maintain their mind enhancing gifts, even if it leads to the destruction of the peaceful beings. Only two people stand in their way, and they will sacrifice everything to end the slaughter.

Could the quest for the secrets of life lead to the creation if true evil; one so dark it threatens to tear down the walls of sanity and redefine our very existence?

About the Author (from the blog tour):
Joanne Elder is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering Science at the University of Western Ontario. During her professional career, she spent several years in the aeronautical and nuclear industries, published numerous technical papers in the field of Metallurgical Engineering and presented at international conferences. She now resides in King City, Ontario with her two teen-aged children and husband. Spectra, Elder’s debut novel, and the sequel, Entity, were published by MuseItUp Publishing.
You can visit Joanne Elder’s website at

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the review!
Joanne Elder

Mom Caboodle said...

Going to check out her site! Thanks for the review.

Sofia @ From PDX with Love said...

Sounds like a good read...but it took 15 chapters to get interesting?

Unknown said...

Comments from the author of Spectra...For those who aren't techy, that part can be brushed over as it's not crucial to the thriller part of the plot. I included some techy stuff in the book as it's real thought provoking science that puts forth a model for what the human soul may be made up of. Cool stuff if you think about it. Thanks again for the review!

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