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Where The Trade Buys - A Review

Monday, October 22, 2012

We all have our favorite place to purchase our business cards, banners, leaflets etc. I was browsing the other day and the name of this company caught my eye. Where The Trade Buys. Hum, buys what—so I clicked!! Well, they sell what we all buy at one time or another. They also sell some unique items I have never seen before where I normally shop!

The silk finish business cards—the only time I have seen these is when someone has handed me one from a large company at work—I would love to have them for myself-they make such a good impression! And the price is not prohibitive.

Something I have never seen before—Mesh Banners—so that in case it happens to be windy—and you have the banner set up outside—the wind blows right through it! What an innovative idea!! They also have roll-up banners-which, in my opinion, would be great for presentations.

And of course they will make up Christmas Cards for you—

Click on in to Where The Trade Buys and take a look around!

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Mama to 5 said...

never heard of mesh banners but sounds like a great idea!

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Always looking for a great deal on business cards. I like mine whimsical. I'll check 'em out.

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Mesh banners....genius!!! Wish I'd have thought of it!

Amanda Tempel said...

I'm actually about to order some new business cards, so I will definitely keep them in mind :)

Thanks for sharing - I also love the mesh banner idea, so innovative!

Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to check them out! I'm about to get a whole blog make over which means new business cards too!

I also love the mesh banners, such a great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

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