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Sleep, I need sleep!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I really, really, really wish Baby would let me sleep!! She did let me sleep one extra hour today-till 3 AM--AND she allowed me to stay up 1 extra hour last night! Usually at about 7:30 pm she is standing in between me and the keyboard-have you ever tried typing AROUND a cat? I did-it just does not work! She is like an unmovable object--no amount of pushing or shoving will move her. And heaven forbid once in bed and under the covers I should decide to get up--it happened last night--I got up-she jumped immediately onto the computer chair-faced me and softly meowed as if to say-go back to bed-why are you up again. She did not leave the chair until I was back in bed safely tucked in again. And in the mornings after I feed her she goes to a different room------well lets just say that I have to go get her from wherever she is meowing loudly for me to join her and bring her back into the bedroom with me and CLOSE the bedroom door. Now I know she just wants attention (unless SHE is sleeping) but really----------------------------

(I think she do not unnerstand -I makes the rules-she follow the rules-or else)

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