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Wovenhill - Wicker Furniture - A Review

Friday, October 26, 2012


When I was growing up my grandparents had a house with a flower garden, a rock garden and a vegetable garden-one of my earliest memories was toddling over to the veggie garden-picking a string bean or two (I’m still a 1 for each hand kind of girl!) and eating them right then and there—also went for the raspberries and if I could reach any—the grapes. Right behind the house was a big area where my grandma used to play mahjong and cards with her friends or where the family gathered. There was lots of furniture out there-mostly iron if I remember correctly. It was really beautiful!! Probably because of this I have always been drawn to pictures of English Gardens. They remind me so much of my Grandparents backyard!! (My Grandfather was originally from England)

So as I was website hopping around I came upon a site with pics of beautiful English patios and gardens—I looked at all the pics and stayed to learn more!! It turns out that the company Wovenhill makes Wicker Patio Furniture that is woven so tight it is not affected by the rain! I’m not sure that they sell it here (maybe your furniture store can order it for you?) as they do say that they are aware most people prefer to see patio furniture in person before buying. They do have a store in England.

Can’t you just imagine sitting with your family and friends outside on this sofa set with the smell of flowers wafting over you.

Or just lying back with a good book on one of these Loungers (wouldn’t mind having one of these in my apartment!)

Dream on Michele!! Wovenhill also carries lots of other things made out of wicker—come on in and take a peek.

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