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Traidcraft Shop - Fair Trade & Organic Products

Sunday, September 9, 2012


As most anyone who reads my blog or my fan page knows--I believe in helping others and legitimate charities. Traidecraft only has fair trade products and ethical gifts. They say that they are fighting Poverty through fair trade. I like this!

You also should have figured out by now that I have a sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate in any form it comes in!!

And now that the cooler soon to be colder weather is almost upon us--what could be better then hot chocolate!

And of course Traidcraft also has lots of fair trade groceries and organic foods as well.

But that is not all Traidcraft has--they have silver jewelry, handmade cards and paper, some lovely bags and purses and stuff for kids.

I highly suggest you go and check out Tradecrafts site--so many things to look at--this site is for England only--too bad--but I guess they save by not offering it to the rest of us so I won't complain-But if you happen to live in England---------or know somebody that does---------

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