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My Mom is going to be 90

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Mom is going to be 90 on November 25th. She is in amazingly good health for a person of her age. But she is forever going to one doctor or another complaining that she 1-can’t walk as far as she used to, 2-doesn’t have the stamina that she used to and 3-can’t do Yoga like she used to. Yes, she does still do Yoga, but on a chair now (I HOPE). They keep telling her that it is her age—she refuses to believe it!

She has always taken calcium supplements and I noticed that now she takes even more. It seems that all her doctors tell her to take it. So every Saturday off I drive to pick her up and go to 4 supermarkets (yes you read that correctly-one has better produce, one has the bread she likes, one has something on sale that she needs and one just in case she forgot something), occasionally a bookstore to pick up yet another crossword puzzle book or to download a book onto her Kindle, and to the drugstore to pick up miscellaneous items and her Calcium! And out to lunch-- Now understand-she still drives-I just feel better if I am doing the driving! By the time I drop her off-carry the bundles upstairs-I’m BEAT. My Mom is in better shape then I am—maybe I should start taking vitamins—just to keep up with her—

Maybe it is because she tried to get me to take vitamins while I still lived home-but I just don’t take them. I am lucky enough to have dense bones and the only medication I am on is for a slow thyroid. That however could change come next Wednesday when I go to the doctor I think the last time was 2 years ago to find out why I have lost 2 pant sizes in less then a month. I say it is because of the extreme heat stroke I had at about that time—everyone else is saying diabetes—well we shall see who is right!


Kelly R. said...

I wish your Mom a blessed 90th Birthday. Sounds like she has found the key to longevity.
I should really take my vitamins on a regular basis.
Thanks for sharing.

Andi said...

My grandmother lived to be 95. She would probably still be here, only she tripped getting out of the shower and broke her back and ended up with pneumonia. She was also always very active. Her claim to longevity was good genes (her mom passed at 97 and her father at 100) and drinking V-8. Happy birthday to your mom. :-)

MamaMunky said...

Happy birthday to your mom! She sounds like she's awesome. I can barely make myself do yoga at 28, let alone 90. :)

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