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Guest Post -When You’ve Heard The Three Dreaded Words, “You Have Cancer!”

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My cousin, Sharon, just went through diagnosis, treatment and surgery for Breast Cancer-I saw her today-she is home. I just want to say that she had the best attitude throughout this entire ordeal and I believe it made a world of difference. This book will help you do the same!

I asked Catherine L. Doughty to write a guest post -she did a marvelous job-and I suggest you go get a copy of her book!!

When you’ve heard the three dreaded words, “You Have Cancer!” At the very least, you are tortured and twisted up with a thousand different thoughts and spiraling down as many dead end paths. Let me give you a glimpse of your new reality, “You have just fallen into the cosmic cancer bunny hole. Cancer is now your prism and you need to deal with decision making in an uncertain decision space.” You need to know where to start and quickly begin to navigate your way out of this medical nightmare, get your life back in control, and have a rocking hot good time! Am I right? Of course, I am! I have been right where you are, I was the guy that heard the three dreaded words, and this is what I did about it!

Stay with me because you are going to be able to solve your cancer situation, laugh your head off, and feel mighty and powerful throughout the entire process as you step out into the unknown, unknown and begin to live your life through the prism of uncertainty. You will learn how to use a state of the art thought provoking strategy known as scientific methodology which anyone with any stage of breast cancer who wants get their life back in control and look absolutely stunning can implement.

I am Catherine L. Doughty, MS, CCHI, affectionately known as Cat, an award winning author, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Director of Diagnostic Imaging and mother of two young children. I am also a breast cancer survivor who has secured significant physician endorsements and laudatory applause for the brand new award winning book, Breast Cancer! You’re kidding…right? Living Life Through The Prism Of Uncertainty And Having A Good Time!

Why did I write this book? I have done so much volunteer cancer coaching and needed my story in book form. Along with the story, the step by step approach with all of the forms, discussion documents, matrices, and clinical consultation worksheets and how to implement them in a breast cancer crisis. To let overwhelmed, exhausted peeps know that there is a proven strategy. I tell them for right now this second, “Quit your crying!” “This will take you ninety minutes to read from cover to cover and it will give you the conduit to the catnip to solve your cancer situation.”

After a while the news began to hit the wires, and I had received significant laudatory applause and physician endorsements. Everyone began seeking the science behind this Earth-shattering new award winning book. “Honestly, it’s the simplicity – no scholarly science, just pure scientific methodology and remarkable craftsmanship.” I have prepared one of the most dramatic revealing books for anyone dealing with this dreaded disease and expertly designed it to make the reader pause and reflect on their brilliance, and ability to defeat the disease with a proven strategy.

You will be on the edge of your seat with every single word. It captures the reader from beginning to end, and makes them want to live their life through the prism of uncertainty and have one rocking hot good time. This is an adrenaline thrill ride from start to finish, that you cannot put down.

The book is available worldwide, including, both paperback and Kindle versions
Barnes and Noble, and through your favorite online or brick-and-mortar bookstore.

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