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8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

Friday, September 7, 2012

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance writer and mom to three daughters. Kathryn regularly enjoys participating in sweepstakes and competitions and recently won her first small cash prize – a very exciting moment! I personally have done most if not all of the below--they do work! I am so happy that she wrote this guest for me!!

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to supplement their income easily and enjoyably? A few years ago, the only way to earn additional cash was through difficult and labor-intensive methods such as stuffing envelopes, trawling the streets to sell products door-to-door, or standing out in the cold trying to entice people to take part in market research surveys.

However the Internet offers complete freedom and a totally different way to do what’s effectively the same job – albeit from the comfort of your armchair. Internet users can now earn money, cash back and rewards by taking advantage of this growing consumer service.

Why don’t you join the ranks of online bounty hunters and make yourself a little extra cash this year:

1. An easy way to receive free gift-cards is to sign up to an online survey hub. Find the ones that offer discount cards and vouchers just for becoming a member.

2. Sign up to a cash-back and reward site where you can earn whilst you spend! Once you have registered, every time you want to purchase something on line, you simply click through to the retailer of your choice from the reward and cash-back site. You will earn commission for every purchase you make, which can be stored in your cash-back account and withdrawn once you have reached a specific total.

3. Participate regularly in online surveys. Initially this will mean answering questions about your lifestyle and spending habits. The company may then want you to participate in more in-depth research for which you will receive money or gift cards in return.

4. Participate in the loyalty schemes for every supplier you regularly use. These include (but are not limited to) supermarkets, gas stations, airlines, hotel chains and insurance firms. The points you earn will quickly add up to tangible and free goods. There are usually multitudes of different ways to use your rewards.

5. Once you’re regularly participating in online surveys, the next logical step is to start product testing. Companies send samples of their products to willing participants (or panelists) who are then asked to sample the goods and complete a questionnaire in exchange for cash or gifts cards.

6. Become an affiliate marketer. This involves you hosting your own website and promoting products. When a sale is made through your site you take a cut of the proceeds. This does involve a small initial outlay, but the rewards could potentially be huge.

7. Enter sweepstakes and competitions. The well known phrase ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ is so true, and it’s only after checking daily sweepstake winners that you realize how many people, just like you, win life changing prizes by entering online competitions or sweepstakes. A simple search will uncover an endless supply of these contests, but be selective or you will end up bombarded!

8. With a little practice, you could earn money from composing guest posts. One of the best ways to get hired for your writing is to create an online profile within a marketplace dedicated to freelancers.


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