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Temptations Cat Treats

Saturday, July 28, 2012

No, this is not a sponsored post!

Does you cat LOVE Temptation Cat Treats -bordering on addiction? If I don't give Baby a bunch of them in the morning before I go to work, a bunch when I get home from work and just before bedtime--she turns into

And she seems to love all the flavors (except the fishy ones)--Her favorite is chicken-but then she stood guard the other night at the oven meowing to tell me to get my butt in there and start serving dinner!! I was reheating some chicken.

I can not seem to keep enough of those treats in the house!! One of the people I work with agrees--her cats are addicted also!! Yesterday she picked up a couple of bags for me cause I had run out and she had to go get something for her cats that she had run out of!! We are slaves I tell you-------

Meanwhile I had ordered $54.00 worth of these (in various flavors) yesterday over the internet--free shipping--they promised 1 - 2 day delivery--I sure hope so--at least by Monday--

Today I have to go out and get her more wet food--------------this cat eats better then me!!

I even went so far to see if I could buy stock in this company--they are privately held--so no stock----

Any other people out there owned by their cats who HAVE to have Temptation Treats on hand for immediate gratification?

Note from Baby--she want to be on 'puter--then she does what I sez!

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Jessica said...

What a sweet kitty! I love that she morphs into Taz without Temptations! lol

Mindy said...

My cats love Temptations!! They can't seem to ever get enough of them! They want them as a treat in the morning and at night!

Unknown said...

My kitty loves these treats! I love to spoil her with some whenever I get home since the dogs always get a little milk bone.

Sarah Bailey said...

You have the cutest kitty! <3 My parents cat is the fussiest one you will ever meet x

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