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Apple Store or Best Buy?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple gadgets like the iPad, iMac, iPod and iPhone are definitely worth buying if you have the money for it. Apple products are known for their quality, reliability, great interface, solid performance, stability, posh, and price. Thus, when buying an Apple product, getting it from a more affordable source is always a concern and thus many are torn between getting the gadget from the more expensive, but official,
Apple Store or the more affordable Best Buy. To help you decide, here are some of the main differences between the two.

One advantage of the Apple Store over Best Buy is its option to allow customers to customize the specifications of their Apple gadgets like,

MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Mac mini
Mac Pro

Customization will allow you to change the following values or specifications from the gadgets
mentioned above:

Graphics card
Hard drive
Keyboard and Mouse sets
Apple Display
AppleCare Protection Plan
MagSafe Airline Adapter (for portable computers only)
Best Buy, on the other hand, only sell generic Apple packages that may not always be suitable or a
perfect fit for your needs. So if you are looking to perform a very specific function for your Mac, Apple
Store is the way to go.


Apple Store only provides a 3 year warranty while Best Buy provides 4. However, you should be taking
note of the service that you will be receiving. Getting your Mac from the official store will give you access to the famous Apple service. They are fast, reliable and generous in giving replacements which guarantees a great functional product for three years. I am not sure about the details but Best Buy may have their own technicians to handle the repairs for you and I am not sure as to how they compare with the Apple Store. If you want great services, you are sure to get it from the Apple Store.


This is where Best Buy has its advantage. Best Buy sells Apple products for less that the official store. In addition to this, Best Buy is giving even larger discounts through Best Buy coupons which are very ideal if you are saving

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Olivia R said...

This is the exact reason we purcased my ipad in Dec from BestBuy. I have a two yr accidental on it.

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