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Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I want to vent for a couple of minutes-----Why is it when you try to help people that invariably they end up hurting you or taking such advantage that you just stop dead (helping them)? You think after 61 years on this planet I would have learned by now!! But no, I must be a glutton for punishment. Now, don't get me wrong--I really don't mind helping people out, it is in my nature to be helpful--but I really don't like being used.

Okay, vent over

On a happier note--I was asked by two different publishers to review two different books!! I am in the middle of reading one now and the review/giveaway should happen in the next week!! Still waiting for the second book to arrive. I have a bunch of books here that I have read and am on my 3rd reading of some of them--eventually I will convince myself to give them away!!

Baby woke me up at 4:30 am----and of course now is sleeping peacefully next to me on the desk--and here I sit wondering if maybe I should wake HER up!! NOT

Hope everyone has a fun relaxing Sunday!!

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smashbravo said...

oh a picture!! I was going to ask you to post one but wasn't sure you had a camera yet. She is beautiful!!

On the other subject: You are like me. You are kind hearted and always try to help. There are many people who look at this as a weakness and will take advantage of it and you. unfortunately it will always happen, because you will never change. You will always see the good in people and not the assholes they really are. There's almost no way to protect yourself except perhaps to not be so giving, but I know it's hard. When you see someone who needs help, you help them.
Don't think about this situation anymore, they are not worth your time. They are now in the past and no longer on your radar.good riddance!

Tammy S said...

It sure looks like Baby is right at home. I am so happy for both you and Baby. I am glad you made the choice to let her into your life. I wish you many years of fun and love. :)

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