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It's a lazy Sunday

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hi all!! I feel so lazy today--don't want to do a thing-I did get my giveaways on others peoples linkys at least and eventually will get those book reviews from the tours I'm with up on my book/music linky---may have to run out for a little while--but then--maybe not.

Baby is being quiet today-so far anyway-and is allowing me to sit at the computer without her supervision!! And, to my knowledge at least, nothing has been thrown around, or pushed around or climbed on and slid around--I don't have a camera or I would take some new photos of her when she is up to mischief! The other day she knocked over the containers where I keep my business cards--Have to sort through all of them and put them back-but not today-Maybe one of these days I will get a phone with a camera--keep telling myself that lol-that and a Kindle.

I think I will just go back to bed and read----now that sounds like a plan!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

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