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I need to VENT------------------------------------------

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need to vent--I am about to murder my cat--not only did she wake me up at 5 am by pushing papers off my desk onto the floor--she kept trampling them to make more noise--then my phone went flying-a land line so it is still working--I got up--and got her food--she decided she didn't like it--I tried to ignore her--she got on top of a different pile of papers and SLID down with them-I yelled at her and she gave me a nip-then she tried the crying from the other room routine--I finally got up (after telling her I was going to beat her up-which of course I never did)-and threw out the food she didn't want (but ate last night) and gave her different food which she is now calmly eating---I'm almost glad I'm going to work very soon!! Okay-rant over--Baby (whoever named her that did not know her!!) is VERY lucky that I love her to pieces! AND I think I will be calling her Taz from now on!!


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mitch1066 said...

Sounds like shes training human quite well :)

Michele said...

I completely understand animals that drive you crazy. My husband adopted a 1 year old bloodhound 3 months ago, and so far he has destroyed 4 fruit trees (broke them in half), 2 cell phones, the TV remote, and countless less expensive things. He adores the brat; I'm less enthusiastic. Hopefully, Baby/Taz will calm down!

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

I'm trying to think of something funny to say here.....only thing I can think of is...that might be why they wanted to get rid of her!!!

Hang in there....you know how much you love cats!!!


Stephanie H. said...

as a former Cat foster home for a humane society I have some advice.
1. Do not feed her canned food in the morning
2. stop feeding her in just on place in the morning. Using small cups and other devises to hide a couple pieces of food through out your home. or the places she is allowed to explore.
3. shortly before you want to go to bed have a good romp on the floor with her if she is lazy or have her chase a lazor pointer. Or cat teaser anything you can do to get her to excessive during the 20-60 min period.
4. Feed her, her wet food if that is what you want to feed her the most of or if that is what she eats best.
5. Go to bed.

if she wakes you up shut her out of your room and go back to bed. If that isn't possible make it a point not to feed her. get ready for work then right before you go to work hide the dry food for her. She will quickly learn where you are hiding her food so change it up if possible. If this doesn't work think of getting her a play mate most likely a younger kitten will introduce to an adult cat easier than another adult cat. I am always her if you have specific questions. I have a lot of cat experience with a lot of different cat personalities. lpninpain at gmail dot com

lisagee1234 said...

She is bored and needs more stimulation. Personally I wish I lived where the cats could live in the barn and not inside with me.

Unknown said...

I understand this, my cats...all 3 do the same thing LOL

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