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Books, Books, Books-I'm drowning in Books!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I have so many books I am (almost) ready to do giveaways on--the stack is growing--and Baby is watching it-ready to pounce with her ever ready paw and go SWIPE so they all go tumbling to the floor!! My book shelves are full--so keep your eyes open for a whole bunch of them to appear as giveaways as soon as I can get Baby to leave me alone for a few minutes!! I've got Lee Child, James Patterson, John Sandford, Lisa Kleypas and some Scottish Historical Romances just to mention a few--

Not sure how to go about this--one at a time--two at a time--

UH OH - Baby just woke up - she wants her din din and she wants it now--so before she sits on my keyboard--

(She not talking about me--I purrfect angel!)

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