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Blogger Stats & the Training of Miki Hope by Baby Continues

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Does anyone know what "none" means under Traffic Sources? I have 57 NONE right now and it is driving me crazy!! Referring URLs says 57 NONE also!! Of course I have lots more identified as well!! How can a traffic source or a referring url be none? If I click on it it shows me that page can not be found------------This is a relatively new phenomena and I can't find the answer anywhere!!!! Does anyone out there know where the "none" is coming from? Please let me know!! Hum--maybe it is the people entering my giveaways who don't have a blog or facebook page--

Meanwhile---Baby my new little monster cat--who likes to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning--then again at 5:30 when I finally did get up today--is definitely trying to train me away from the computer in the morning when she wants my total attention--at least I convinced her to stop sitting on the leyboard!! Now she just sits on the wire to the mouse so I can't move it!!! Right now she is lying down next to me on the desk giving my mouse the evil eye---I will have to wait until she falls asleep to try and put up my giveaways on other peoples linkies. Maybe I should go re read this e-book--Naw--she is really a sweetie and I love her to pieces

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smashbravo said...

You got a new kitty cat? Awesome! That is just what you needed so you can have some company. I hope you are both enjoying each other.

Glenda said...

This sounds like my sun we could put them in a room together and they could play while we try and work.

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