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A Smart-Mouthed Student (this is an OUCH moment)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Found this one in the Absolute Newsletter this morning--all I can say is


A Smart-Mouthed Student

This is a true story!!!
A student got into trouble at school when his teacher was teaching a math class and he fell asleep.
When the teacher proceeded to ask him a question he snapped awake and the teacher took a ruler
and pointed it at the boy while saying "at the end of this ruler is an idiot".
the student got into trouble because he replied back "And which end might you be referring to?"

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momto8 said...

haha, which end?!

southernnights said...

I know it may seem inappropriate to say, but...Karma! Certainly not good that the student was sleeping or responded with a smart comment.However, calling the student and idiot! So not right!

Glenda said...

it is funny but the student should not have fallen asleep and the teacher should not have called him a idiot.

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