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Book Reveiw-The 6th Target-James Patterson

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 6th Target – Patterson

This one kind of got to me – not only is one of the main characters shot – but there is a sub plot of children getting kidnapped!! Again there was no way I could even have imagined what the ending turned out to be on either case!!

From the back cover:

The Women’s Murder Club faces its most terrifying—and personal—case ever. A burst of gunfire leaves several people dead—and a member of the Women’s Murder Club fighting for her life. Detective Lindsey Boxer pursues one lead after another to capture her friend’s attacker… but the clues don’t seem to make sense. While Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano prepares to prosecute a high-profile trial, San Francisco is in the grip of a chilling crime spree. Children of wealthy families are being abducted. But the kidnappers follow with devastating silence—no message, no ransom demand. Now with the entire city plunged into fear, Lindsey must frantically work to connect these horrific crimes.

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