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I'm at a standstill today

Friday, January 6, 2012

It is 6:16 am, I have been up since 5:30 am--got through all the emails on Yahoo and G-Mail-entered an Alexa dropping hop--even commented on a couple of them--but can't seem to get myself to move and enter my giveaways into linkys--too tired I guess. And yes, I do have to drive to NJ today and work--have to leave in an hour. What I really feel like doing is curling up into bed and reading--but if I do that-I will NEVER make it to work!!

I started another book last night-"Quinn" by Iris Johannsen--really good and I will be giving it away to one of my lucky readers when I finish it--It is the first in the series of three where the forensic sculptor Eve is the main character. I have read some of the other books by Johhannsen which featured these characters but this one is getting to me--and it is very hard to put down. I will be buying the other two in the series as well--maybe this weekend I will get over to Barnes & Noble.

Do you have favorite authors?--I know I have a couple of them which I constantly go back to--Jane Feather, Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Laurens, James Patterson, Teresa Medeiros, Iris Johannsen to name a few offhand. Of course I read a lot of other authors books as well but the above are the ones that stick in my mind!!

I know I have a lot of readers who also love to read--now my question to you is----
Who are your favorite authors? Are you willing to pick up a book (or just try to win it) just because the cover interests you? (I have been known to do this on occasion!) AND if there is a book or an author that you think I should read--please let me know--Although I normally don't do this I will try and respond to all comments on this post!! (and I do try to follow back if you ask me to and leave your blog url!)

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Glenda said...

I also Love to read and I read Janets too. As well as Danielle Stelle and Debbie Macomber and Jackie Collins and I do pick up new authors if the cover looks good to me.

Unknown said...

You are not the only sluggish one ...i am having a hard time getting going this morning, though i blame it on a throbbing headache. Been there done that with sleepless nights. Had another blogger mention she had a hard time starting, too. Anyhows, i just finished reading Night Road by Kristin Hannah, and loved it! i think each subsequent work is better than the former!

Anonymous said...

James Patterson never disappoints. I have just about every book Anne Rice has written. I love Charlaine Harris too. And Michael Crichton is great. If I read a book I like by one author, I'm very likely to read everything else they have written.

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