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A Trip to Barnes & Nobel is in my IMMEDIATE Future

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As you might or might not have noticed I took the plunge and joined a reading challenge--which means that I have to start getting those books!! Now, like most of my readers I love James Patterson and the Woman's Mystery Series is the one that I am going to attempt to read every one of. Now that is all good--except--I have trolled the internet--B&N, Amazon, and a couple others I never even heard of before- have seen prices ranging from .99 to 10.14 (brand new). Now if you know me at all you will realize that after I have read and reviewed each book I will want to do a giveaway. Now this means I need new copies of these books---so when I ship it off to someone else it will be in near perfect condition!! And to top it off another of my favorite writers, Teresa Mederios new book "The Pleasure of Your Kiss" was just published and is ready for purchase!!! I have been waiting for that book it seems like forever!!!!! And of course I will be doing some more B&N Gift Certificate giveaway soon and need to get some of those (Just found out today that CVS does not sell the $25.00 ones!! Darn it all) And Janet Evanovitch-I have read Smokin Seventeen 4 times now---soon people soon---And of course Jane Feather's "Love's Charade" (on my 3rd reading right now) Can you tell I really like these books--AND James Patterson has a couple of new ones out as well--
I am going to finally go to the doctor tomorrow cause I fear I will never get over whatever it is I have without antibiotics--but I think a little side trip to B&N will put me in a much better mood!!!!

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Unknown said...

LOL you are so funny. I wish I could get into reading as much as you do. My daughter does though, she loves to read!

Sarah said...

Good luck on your reading challenge! I need more patience to sit down and read all the tons of books I have piled up! Stopping by from the Alexa hop! http://lookwhatigotforfree.com

Unknown said...

I finally got a Nook this Christmas so I hope it will make me read more. It's easier for me to hold. good luck on your challange!

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