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This is NOT starting out as a good day!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some of you may have noticed that there is a giveaway I have up--only thing is--it is not supposed to be up until Thursday NIGHT!! It does not really start until then--Well--all I could do was stop comments altogether until that time!! So just be a little patient------now if only I could be patient with myself!!


Top that off and heard from my Mom that she was in a couple of minor car accidents yesterday--seems some guy opened his truck door without looking--that was the first--he knew he was wrong I guess and took off according to my Mom--then because she was upset and confused (she is 89) from this--she managed to hit another truck--so now she has to get her car fixed BEFORE she leaves for Florida on the 14th!! (Don't worry--someone else drives the car down--she flys!!)

I am going to ATTEMPT to think positive here---I caught my blooper with the giveaway-and although it will be up there-no one can enter until the correct date (for the couple that did your comments are saved)--and my Mom is okay even though she is distraught over her car and will probably be driving me crazy cause the woman just can not live without a car for even one day! And even though I have to drive to NJ to work today--the accountant will NOT be there so that is good!!

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petoskystone said...

Most glad that Mom was (only) shaken up! Definitely a positive thing. What an ass...not even sticking around to make sure she was OK :/ Now all you have to do is make sure no one opens a door into you while you're on your way to work ;)

Heather Avery said...

Bet that guy she hit dint have ins.. thats prolly why he left so quickly. What a jerk! Glad to hear your mom is ok!

Charlotte said...

Glad to hear your mom was okay! Thank God! Sorry your having a bad day. I think my day is going to be similar to yours because everything is already crazy this morning! I just want to lay down and wake up on the right side of the bed. Bet the guy who took off on your mom didn't have insurance & I blame that on insurance companies for charging so dang on much for their insurance!

Glenda Cates said...

I am so sorry about your moms car but Thank God she was not hurt. I hope your day got better.

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