I got MOST of it done........................................ | Miki's Hope

I got MOST of it done........................................

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yesterday I really worked on catching up my own bookkeeping-only have one more credit card to go!! I did decide to do something I have NEVER done before with my own records--I DOWNLOADED the entries!! Now you might think that that is all there is to it--NOT. After the download is complete you have to literally edit almost every single entry--You gotta get the name looking legible and get it into a category--then of course there was that little thing about them creating a brand new account in my Quicken-which meant that I had to zero out the old account without losing any of the older entries-this luckily is not difficult-thank heavens for MISCELLANEOUS!! I'm hoping against hope that I can get the entries from that last credit card which I actually use the most to download cause in my wisdom (?) and in a GREEN frame of mind at the time--I no longer get paper copies of the statements-----which means that I will have to hand write the entries (since my printer does not work anymore and I have not been in the mood to go to Best Buy!!)then type them all in--at least the ones that count--the ones that will be going into my taxes--the rest I can kinda lump together!! But I am almost there--I may actually be ready to do my taxes EARLY this year--and now that I have set up download on most of my accounts--well maybe I will actually be able to keep my New Year's Resolution this year---well maybe anyway!!

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