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I can Not Get it Together today

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Usually by this time (7:31 am est) I have entered my giveaways in a bunch of daily linkies, written a post and done various other computer related activities--
Not today--I did manage to pick the winner of the Mid Winter's Eve hop that I was giving a $25 B&N Cert for--and I emailed the winner! I entered some of my other giveaways into maybe 2 linkys (if you look at my linky list by week you will realize that I normally do a lot more then that!!) And I entered an Alexa lowering hop which I ultimately bookmarked because I can not seem to concentrate. This cold or whatever it is has really got me--I can barely keep my eyes open (coffee isn't helping)-well I am going to the doctor today so maybe he can get to the bottom of this and give me something to make me ALL BETTER--(or at least feel ALL BETTER)

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Anita said...

I am now following u back. Sorry could. Not do it faster my oldest is sick with a cold

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