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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We had a really nice Holiday office party at someplace called Tomatoes--never heard of it before but it is an Italian restaurant in New Jersey and makes some super great Chicken Parm. And my Secret Santa gave me-----CHOCOLATE---1 bag plus 3 boxes full of CHOCOLATE----then as we were leaving I was handed this cute little glass vase filled with Hersey's Kisses!!!!!! I'm in Chocolate HEAVEN--of course everyone kept saying how I was not supposed to eat it all at once and should eat it VERY slowly like over a couple of months-HA HA HA--good luck on that one. My bosses little daughter saw me sitting in the corner (I tend to hide at parties) and said-"you're Michele--you always have candy!!! I laughed and agreed with her--I also keep candy in my office in case any little or big (the boss) goblins come in.

Today I drive up to Mahopac to work and was informed that they will be having lunch and I am invited--I may not be able to eat for a week after all this--of course the CHOCOLATE will keep me going!!

Happy Holidays Everyone

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jellybelly said...

It's the season for chocolate :) Our fridge is full of chocolates mostly given to my little girl but Mommy will definitely share in the calories :)

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